How cold do you wait for it to be to use polo wraps?

All people else believes you’re odd, but I tumble.
My trainer/the owner of my lease moose uses them when them gets colder, I don’t know the temperatures but It’s safe to say if the horse has to wear an enormous blanket when he’s not necessarily being ridden, utilize the wraps.
It has to do with the muscles inside the leg in some way;
She said among her beginning horses pulled/bowed your tendon or maybe something technique back while,
And evidently the polo assists the leg warm-up a bit,
maybe if the muscles tend to be cold adequate it becomes easier that will hurt them…x3

Unless your horse had been sick as well as in really poor condition I would not utilize polo wraps to stay a horse warm.

Horses have means involving slowing your blood visiting their legs after they are cold so that they do not get frigid feet as they say.

I consider you misunderstand the employment of pollo wraps.You can find little warmth included in them.They are for help support, in just about all seasons.And avoid them if you don’t can use them correctly, otherwise they are often more harm than assist in your horse.

you avoid polos with regard to warmth, you use them regarding support, not jumping 5 foot gets, but only basic flat work and also low jumps, and quite a few dressage, nonetheless regardless, not for friendliness, for safety and service.hope this kind of helps

Polo wraps are used for assistance, not heat.

It’s not at all advisable to work with them at all times as the actual horses feet strengthen via exercise just in case you constantly use wraps they are going to become familiar with them.

Polo Wraps are used all year or so round….they are used regarding support.I reside in Palm Comes where temperatures reach well above 100 in the summer and i still use them while gun barrel racing.:)

what do you think they are leg covers! the temperatures has nothing to do with the fact that polos.

i use all of these books year around.
there pretty and show nice in the dressage engagement ring.

I’ve never got word of that.POST use these individuals regardless, calendar year round.

year round


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