How can you tell if your guinea pig is pregnant?

I am trying better half my guinea pigs and I became wondering how one can tell while your guinea pig is actually pregnant
along with the steps on every week.if that is definitely possible.

and in addition…when do Need to take guy guinea pig from the female

Week 1 – You may not see any differences.
Full week 2 — May start drinking additional water.
Week 3 OR MORE – MAY gain a bit more weight.
Week SOME – A skilled vet/breeder/owner may be able to feel fetuses.
Week 5 VARIOUS – Putting on weight (They will become a pear shape).
Week 6&7 — May begin to be additional lazy.
Full week 8&9 :The sow’s Pelvic Our bones will seperate.(Will in all likelihood become dialated this particular week or maybe next.
Week 12 – That Sow may become dialated that week.The particular Piggies tend to be born!

Every sow differs from the others, but it is a “Norm”.You need to, DO NOT acquire your sow unless you know beyond doubt she’s certainly not pregnant, as this could hurt/damage your ex pups.Make sure you take the male out right after about 2-3 weeks following a first mating.

No dilemma! (:Glad I really could help!

lol im uncertain when to express to if at this time there pregnant but the truth is will just awaken to the hole lot of bit of fuzzballs running around the cage! and a mans and the female can easily live with one another, you may take the man out if you need once you observe little fuzzy things roaming round the cage!

1.People tell my own her Pounds and size
3.she only gets bigger
3 OR MORE.You independent them as early as you are sure she is pregenate.

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