How can i train my betta to go through a hoop?

ive noticed videos associated with this betta went in the hoop AS SOON AS but hes not doing it anymore.

any tips WITH THANKS!!

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Those Bettas had been probably persuaded by treats in the other end with the hoop, so..They’re prepared, I speculate.

He/she probably thinks a person’s trollin’ xD;..It’s only a joke:) Absolutely no harm, absolutely no foul.(Unless you take serving the tank out upon a baskeball hoop personal..I’onno, Name be most, “I WOULD, but, then Id have got to start aaaall about again..”)

Additional:Tapping irratates sea food, and how on earth do you get a new bloodworm to go through a ring You’d ought to train THIS too! Haha, by using whatever this bloodworm feeds Oh, jeez, it’s a bike.

why could u would like to train ur betta to undertake that it is silly

its similar to training your with food

everytime the item goes put the baskeball hoop treat it into a blood earthworms.ONLY allow it maintain worm any time it will go threw the actual hoop, in addition to feed the item plain flakes in any other case.
idno a lot of try lightly tapping to the glass in making it move threw the actual hoop.or function the continue worm put the hoop

Just grab its tail get it and move it via.

Or only get your hula baskeball hoop, prop that up along with some ergonomic office chair, leaving the actual hole available, pick ones tank in place, and decline the tank in the hoop, then the actual betta will present gone by.

No want to be feisty along with Alec.It’s called fiction, something a lot of people have for no reason heard in advance of.

Choose the R2 fish training guide school point.I lack one (I like fish to help behave normally, they’re definitely not show animals), nonetheless I read good critiques about these.

….you need a large tank hard to go through a ring.

Put any gun in order to his brain.

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