How can i tell if my guppy is gonna have her babies?

okay so shes hiding fabulous right behind a plant we can barely observe her although her tails similar to bright red
she hasnt eaten in any respect yesterday the not moment to give them right now so idk concerning 2 day
shes available as one spot and also normaly when they arent changing their tail isnt moving much nonetheless hers will be moving ATON
before your lady was hiding inside the decorations
and i merely looked and after this shes on the top of the tank
oh yeah as well as her gravid spots pretty black red


Yep shes getting her children:)
When you dont have everything else in your tank, they you could potentially just go the the mother.If it is possible to, try to get her from a breeding internet to catch the remaining portion of the babies! they may eat all of them almost immediatly.

if the particular gravid section is black it is best to separate her and so the babies won’t get tried oh therefore you should take out the female.

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