How big of an aquarium do I need for 4-6 discus?

I’m gonna buy a aquarium, but 1st I’m going to start off with several fish that are easy to look after, before I begin with caring for discus.But I strive to be sure in which my aquarium tank is major enough intended for 4-6 discus.

So, how significant should this aquarium be

Thank you.

Best to stay them within a group of 6 or even more, that brings out their education behaviour and also reduces virtually any potential hostility.

That needs at the least a 55gal reservoir, and bigger is way better as it is really easier to take care of perfect waters conditions that will discus need in the event the tank can be bigger.


normally you desire an odd amount of fish 3-5-7 3-5 discus will probably live ok in a 50+.the bigger the far better.It appears like you are generally new to be able to fish Discuss are not a novice fish owners ideal a few research upon water quality first.

At least 100 gallons yet preferably more substantial.This may perhaps seem big by some people but compared to the amazon canal (where old discus live) it’d seem smaller.

If you mean mature discus, at the least 75 gallons.

55 gallons.

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