How bad can dog breath smell, in the worst case scenario? Describe the smell?

(and without a doubt, I realise that it’s the wrong sign for that dog’s health and fitness if the breath odors.Just wanting to know cause Now i’m curious =p.)


Why would you ask doubts about puppy breath or dog feces smell and get us to describe it every single day Does the psychiatrist be informed on your obsession Thanks for that points, troll.

And we now have changed your user brand again but we’re still asking identical questions.Uninteresting.You previously answered your individual question — dogs inhale will exclusively smell if they could be recycled healthy consequently STOP PROMPTING THIS CONCERN.

Like some sort of rotting wildebeest carcass quit to fester inside the hot sun’s rays, which was eaten, regurgitated, tried again, and then pooped released….hopes this helps:)

my dog’s inhale ranges by fish to some rat carcase.

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