Hospital tank problems need help?

from the moment i place my Bala shark around there he was not right, i enable him get used to the water in a very bag like used to do first period around, and there exists anticholirnator in there ammonia and nitrate is definitely 0.00 with there, and precisely what he does is dart all-around like an utter maniac and he can cower while in the corner once i visit how he could be, he provides velvet and so i needed him out of your 380 gallon container and fit him in a very 16 gallon medical center tank, to manage him with protozin, it has filtration and heating in virtually identical temperature and there are ornaments inside there for him.
so what’s going on with your ex, is he / she just stressed since the hospital container is small and they doesnt have his pals around him

ditto sarah’s post.

that the tank was not kept cycled and healthy next there’s an occasion of waters quality issues.And sure verify that the ammonia and nitrite (that’s having an i ) will be both zero.Nitrate(with a great a) is definitely less harmful but still really should not be very large.

cover this sides with the tank plus floating some sort of plant for the surface will help to quiet him.

He’s possibly just confused.However, ones nitrate ranges worry us.In freshwater tanks, the nitrate levels need to be between 10-20ppm, it is the ammonia plus nitrite that were designed to remain on 0ppm.

For anyone who is treating the pup for velvet making use of protozin, hopefully an individual removed your filter cartridges and carbon dioxide and decide to put them from a bowl connected with tank water for the bacteria to remain seated alive.Or even, it may be a bunch harder so that you can treat the fish.Keep close track of him, he’s burned out because he’s from a different surroundings.

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