Help with keeping heels down?

WE ride uk.
So POST play soccer and we point the foot down to kick the particular ball nevertheless when riding we place our toe up.I ride once a week as well as whenever I head over to ride Personally i think that I need to touch my pumps down as long as they get.I do try and relax my own body very though so We are not tensing upward.Then my personal ankles start hurting seriously badly.I also think my own calf muscle has not been stretched sufficient so I pulled them today from pushing this heels decrease.I am definitely not flexible.Soccer player have limited hamstrings most of the time haha.Well I realize stretching my own calves with stairs.But it really seems to never possibly be enough if Im using.

I also believe I must push my own heels lower so my own leg stays on still any time Im publishing and legs appear to move much when internet marketing riding while i look with my hip and legs quickly any time im using.any suggestions

With thanks:)

Lengthen your stirrups will stay are certainly not pushing your heel down up to now, also, dependant upon your teachers plan to your lessons, I had been taught to create a good lower-leg position as well as strength through your stirrups, criss-crossing these people over your saddle as well as riding devoid of them regarding awhile right until your leg muscles are usually strong enough to help keep you set up so that you do not rely a whole lot on th stirrups.You may also try finding a different couple of riding shoes that furnishing more structure about the ankle.

i solved this by now.

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