Help?! why are my white cloud minnows dying?

Fine, so ive possessed 4 whitened cloud minnows regarding about per week now.I am aware people say to not keep these people with goldfish however I considered I’d yes it the go, they’ve happen to be fine collectively until I noticed this morning that among the minnows seemed to be missing 50 % of the face…there seemed to be a target between the eyes in which his ‘jaw’ requires been as well as hiss gills was all bloody.I moved him to your spare TWO gallon tank like a hospital container.Unfortunately they died, one other 3 was fine.I took a look at them a couple of minutes back and a further minnows has bloody gills it is just floating nearby the top.I moved him to the hospital reservoir and added some ‘disease safe’ to the water.Another possibility is a sucking loach in the primary tank- this chinese algae having type.Can anyone please assistance me to get to the underlying part of why they’re dying No harsh comments please as well as thanks within advance

Well there’s a reason people explain not to hold certain species of fish together.So it sounds like the goldfish are usually eating the actual minnows.Of course, goldfish take minnows as well as any other fish small than themselves which often can fit for their mouth.

And also the algae eater is creating a snack with them.Chinese algae eater’s turn into very aggressive because they age.A period.,..algae eaters are tropical so this means they have a heaters.Goldfish as well as minnows are not.So in this regard they shouldn’t be kept together.

We’d separate this minnows from the goldfish and algae eater.
All the best ..:

If you do have a chinese algae eater the way big can it be as they’re viscous the particular older they get.

Nasty but invest the minnows from the pond they do not live.

The goldfish and also the loach had them.

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