My business is worried regarding my canines.
They haven’t much been eating non-stop.The simply time they will bark AND whine is once they are beyond food.They did that for a while.I obtained up and looked over the containers.They had been full.Then I acquired a tumbler and filled up it way up with puppy food as well as told them ?t had been human meal.They l<3ve man food such as crazy.So they ate an entire thing as well as still won't eat.

What a few pointer do

try heating the meals in some sort of fry pan that helps it be smell far more appetizing

you can visit the store and get squeezable stuff that will put on this.its to get dogs they usually love that.
or you can actually put a little puppy or maybe soft meal mixed together with it, they’ll prefer that a whole lot.
but i counsel you go to a vet should they just at random , stoppped eating plus they used to before.

*they ate the entire thing in addition to still is not going to eat*

What should that mean Is it or are they not eating If you are concerned, have them examined by the actual vet.

Uh….HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, you shared with them ?t had been human food and they ate the item LOL How on earth does that will work, these are dogs.

Try settling Parmesan cheese for the dog meals.it is likely to make it additional appealing.


Are people retarded.

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