Guinea Pig Question? How do I make a…?

All right if there are actually ANY “Answers” In relation to “They will be bad” Our dads friend may be a vet in addition to she said they may be great.Just how do i make, or where will i buy some sort of Guinea Pig diaper My organization is in Quarterly report so should be online

i live in Australia and i quite sure absolutely no website could sell these individuals cuz which is animal curelty, u wish to make a new guinea pig are now living its very own poo and also pee, with infants there mother\father\carer can easily smell and also see this poo\pee they usually know to help change it but it can be gonna differ with your guinea pig

NEVER keep the guinea pig within a diaper.They’ll get urine melt away and it’s going to cause huge problems.If you would like put a person’s cavy inside a cute outfits, make positive that there exists a whole thus to their bum.

They eat their poo because it contains vitamins and minerals they decided not to get before around, and always keeping it from a diaper can give them diaper rash together with malnutrition.

If you are you must have a diaper about, put a person’s piggy on a towel nonetheless don’t aply it surrounding the guinea pig.

You will not.That could be cruel since it would result in the guinea pig to communicate with his or her own fecal material and urine everyday.Also, guinea pigs sometimes need to eat their droppings and having a nappy on will not allow this particular.

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