Guinea pig issue. HELP PLEASE?

My guinea pig (bought a few days ago) wont eat any kind of of her veggies.Really the only time he or she eats his or her veggies are when i hand give food to it for you to him if he should eat its like a small little bit of lettuce plus only lettuce.Is there any way i’ll make him eat his veggies WITHIN A BOWL without hand give food to him.Is he or she not consuming it because he could be still fearful He hasnt had ample veggies in the week in addition to if the actual petstore also gave the pup veggies but perhaps there is a chance he’s scurvy with deficiency of vitamin c.Also will he always be okay for you to just eat hay along with pellets to obtain his daily degree of vitamin d.Also how does someone make him feel safe with me and like me.As well as please dont express the bath towel trick.I am going to try of which after the rest has failed

Guinea pigs usually learn to eat veggies form its mom, where they have not I realize by seeing me eat it will turn them onto eating.You should do all to relax your guinea pig lower so he could be not afraid to receive him for you to eat although, and I have the feeling about to catch taking very good advice relating to this concern.There are people that have had guinea pigs for countless years that know what works and facing not operate, as a new new-be you need to be a little more humble and not fighting so hard, its the security and health of one’s guinea pig that may be at problem here possibly not personality.

If a person’s guinea pig will be calm by any means now try setting it to the table they always you plus put hardly any greens on the plate so he can eat on you.I understand this will probably sound strange to you personally but that works, he’ll start to sneak this greens away from your eating plan, if your dog thinks you need them, and place to eat, I are actually able to get several guinea pigs to help eat its greens with this as that they learn simply by watching and you need to become their companion, should you be willing to try and do so.

Ok Effectively Since He or she is Eating From a Hands Frequently seek His Beloved Veggie As well as Put Extra In Of this To Get Him To be able to It In case That Doesent Work Go to The Vet

okay he is either afraid half to death and needs his space(like just a little hut) or they’re sick

This could possibly be stress (don’t worry, you haven’t done whatever wrong! ), He could be stressed from getting in his brand new environment, or simply shy.Their is definitely many ways to gain their trust.You can even purchase in the local pet store, vitamins pills and treats to get rodents, you can even want buy a new incredibly “concentrated” seedling mix in your piggy.My guinea pig used to only take in veggies from my hand at the same time.He will certainly eventually come in time and find that he prefers more meals, and to receive it, he will probably do the item him home and be independent.For a guinea pig, it’s about him we were young; ) All the best .!

Dont worry an excessive amount of…You can buy food which has special nutritional vitamins or your powdered vitamin for you to put in to there drinking water bottle.Just simply continue eating them dried out food along with putting out and about fresh vegetable plants.They will certainly it it every time they feel as it.Also attempt putting them in a run out on the patch of grass, they love the item! But Merely its not much of an issue, dont form a chord!

Retain them delighted! Get these folks out a few times a day to get a cuddle and a run.Be certain its nice and quite (they have got very hypersensitive hearing which can scare them) but they actually love it after you talk to help them plus pet these folks.They furthermore like playthings.You can buy a ball which has a bell you could fill using food, they adore to play with this trying to find the foods out.

Anticipation i helped! Good fortune! X.

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