Green Corey catfish not eating?

Manged to get 2 Environment friendly Coreys 4 days past.They often act generally but they don’t seem to be eating thier food flakes, that i feed other fish, over bottom with the tank.I notice they eat over bottom with the tank.Do they will just possibly not eat a good deal Or eat slowly WE don’t see them eat in any respect.Don’t really want them to starve.

They will not likely starve.Relating to never noticed a cory in which didn’t sooner or later become a very dedicated eater.Its possible construct y were appearing given pellets they usually just don’t recognize the particular flakes you impart them with.It will probably only have a day and also two and steps eating undoubtably.

Many time period a fish will never eat when you find yourself hovering about the front in the tank unless these are starving.Its just possible there’re shy with the moment, they certainly best within groups of 4 or over.Have patience and I’m certain they arrive around.

Some seafood will exclusively eat after the lights are usually out, way too.Stand back with the tank following feeding and see if you don’t catch these scarfing affordable some flakes.My personal corys appreciate flakes, worms and other things they can easily fit in their lips.


Corys appreciate having veg wafers they sink to the bottom so they dont have got to wait for getting thier food.i are using a wafer coming from a small homebased buissnes generally beacause the bottom feeders love thier solution and it has the not expensive in the least.pretty guaranteed thier site is

they’re just super uncomplicated for them to look for and this way you are usually sure they may be getting food in order that it makes you not get worried lol

1-corys tend to be nocturnal.
2-the choose bloodworms along with algae waifers.
3-they could be stressed they are required atleast 4 from a group.
4- could be cramped want a 20 minimum NOT recomended they need 30 gallons.
try to fit the needs just in case you cant subsequently plz go back them and so someone who is able to fit their needs can easily house these.

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