Gouramis in a 10 gallon fish tank?

can certainly gouramis live in a 15 gallon tank for your fish can dark-colored skirt tetras

Dwarf Gouramis can have 10 gallons.COUPLE OF max, and one simple can always be male.
Black Skirt Tetras will be active schooling fish and should be kept with groups regarding 6 or over in THIRTY gallons minimum.

Few fish is often kept in 10 gallons.
This website offers a superb list of them that might, along with some good stocking tips:


And they’re good general fish shape sites which include smallest aquarium dimensions, grouping desires, and baby stroller:
By species/kind:

Whatever fish you decide on, be positive that you then have a full knowledge of the nitrogen cycle when you bring these people home.


You possibly could keep a couple of Dwarf Gourami in 10gal, but it’s lesser than suggested.


An organization of Pygmy (Sparkling) gourami could well be better.
The Glistening gourami are a straight smaller varieties, only related to 1.5″ maximum, quite calm, and might do fine within a 10gal.


Almost every other species get far too big.

Black skirts certainly are a bit huge and active for the 10gal


blak skirts need your 20 gallon lowest.but POST recomend receiving a smaller tetra for that size aquarium.black skirts get to almost 3 inches which enable it to get termin nippy.
dwarf gourami require a 20 gallon minim,
other garami need 30 gallons or even more depending around the species.

i suppose you may do that..but they would not always be happy in addition to would die before long.
short answer – not any (due recommended to their size in addition to lifestyle requirements).

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