Gourami Help. How to stop Chasing?

We have an Opaline Gourami along with a 3 Location Gourami in a 180l aquarium as well as Opaline seems to love chasing the actual 3 Spot round the tank considerably.There can be NO harm to the 3 OR MORE spot in any respect (i have kept an extremely close eye to the situation) along with things reconcile down whenever feeding so when the lights move out.I get some coffee ferns plus java moss in addition to 2 portions of mopani wood and much stones inside the tank even though, there is a lot of start water intended for swimming.Does anyone know how to diffuse the problem in any way.i has a 3 OR MORE foot reservoir spare from the end on this week whenever splitting them is the only method but i would rather not accomplish that if possible

rearange everything in the tank therefore no fish features a territory plus a new territory is often established this particular should help to make the perch stop.

i consider elenore, all i’ll suggest, is add plenty of bogwood, in addition to plant the idea quite densely, they need and therefore get at a distance and stash, but that doesnt seem like its becoming aggressive, in the event he were, they will be lacking a great deal of their tails.

If that Spot Gourami demonstrate no indicators of destruction, then the actual Opaline Gourami that are ‘playing’ when using the other sea food.

Fish really don’t play with eath other it isn’t dogs as well as cats you then have a territorial issue occurring so remove one of these re home which one you need.

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