Goldfish carrying eggs?

I’d 2 goldfish, I didn’t know the sex but I know one may be a female.Yesterday the men (I think it absolutely was male) passed on, and the actual female appears to be pregnant.I know that perch wait until the male is willing to produce sperm for that eggs to obtain them.What you can do I listened to that eventually the sea food will relieve them and eat these folks…is this specific true in any other case will that eggs hatch without having sperm

I experienced goldfish throughout my collection for as a year.They viewed pregnant i do believe you will need to just get loads of oxygen weed so the babies may hide simply because they will gradually pop away and if you notice 30 strange goldfish babies position the mother in the separate reservoir so your woman cant eat them.
as they were inside the pool that they had infants and i can see them to the side of the pool.
Enjoy and enjoy yourself:

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