Golden Retriever question?

We certainly have a great 11 few days old Golden Retriever who at the moment when he is left dwelling alone will not chew anything at all.We keep him a new Kong plaything with treats straight into ‘unstuff’ after which it he’ll lay down and head over to sleep.He’s in no way left for more than a couple associated with hours currently, and can never EVER possibly be left for more than A FEW hours after he’s surfaced a little.
However, last night time I met many people who have had Goldies before and they also said its puppies were similar until we were holding about 9months good old, then they just chewed everything and the when upon until your dogs were about 5 years of age.
Is this a general thing regarding Goldens to do

I’d a Laboratory puppy 16 years ago and the girl chewed anything so their been wonderful to have a pup who does not chew.If Goldens tend to be known for commencing the chewing phase during 9months or maybe so I’d like to realize so I is usually a bit prepared regarding it.

Anyone whos experienced a Wonderful got just about any comments/advice/answers to me please

well we’ve 3 goldens, 7 FOUR and 2 years of age.none advisors chew anything at all they shouldnt once they are quit alone.of course , if we perform leave them they generally just go to sleep.i accomplish rememeber tend to be 2 year or so old chewing the wallpaper there are various wall while she ended up being maybe 5 months aged.she shortly stopped immediately after we informed her off.

but post dont rememeber virtually any of my goldens experiencing a eating faze once they were HUNTING FOR months good old.

Its lots of tosh.Because some additional persons canine started chewing things during 9 many months doesn’t indicate all dogs of these breed can do the exact same.I have a friend in whose son and his family experienced 3 Golden’s in addition to 1 Labrador none ones have ever previously chewed and also destroyed anything at home.
Dogs are inclined to start chewing things general health are weary and provided you do not leave pet for long intervals there is no reason to believe it will certainly chew points.When they may be puppies along with teething could be the time for chewing.My tiny Border Terrier who’s now 16 months familiar with chew your cats games if your woman could get them.
We have a dog cage in the lounge and if we move out just the summer hours she gets into there really happily using her own chews plus settles down for your snooze.
I would certainly recommend getting your pet dog used with a crate since its invaluable in case you have workmen in their home – means you’ll be able to pop the dog in out of the way of harm.

actually i do not own Golden Retriever.

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