Fish that do not eat ghost shrimp?

Exactly what fish can one get that will not consume my ghost shrimp and can also get along with eachother.

Celestial Pearl Danio, Dario Dario, Chili Rasboras, Clown Killies, could leave the ghost shrimp on your own.

I’ve in person kept the Male Fish with 3 ghost shrimp.This Betta left them on your own.Didn’t actually care that they were there to start with.Just add the Shrimp initial.If an individual let your Betta establish territory adding the shrimp, it would get hideous.But usually from the experience, Betta became peaceful.Simply just not using other Bettas.

tetras, Barbs

but continue to dont place the fish in the same tank
purchase a different tank
Used to do that onse and several fish food got at my frog in addition to my perch ate it
the frog ended up being eaten plus the fish acquired sick as well as died

probably guppies, platies, tetras, Barbs or anything else.Depends to the size of your respective tank.

tetras and guppies.

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