Fish ideas, what do you think?

Good after 7 many keeping fish and 5 many working some sort of fish/ spectacular pet shop.And using about 13 different tanks, with my outdated display A PAIR OF gallon saltwater tank damaged.I have thought i would downgrade for you to 2 reservoir, a 310 gallon interior freshwater exotic pond, including a 75 gallon FOWLR+ saltwater tank.

For the saltwater tank we’ve currently any fox confront, a brown leafy banded bamboo bedding shark, a couple clowns, a couple false moorish idols, many snails, some sort of zebra urchin, some sort of green noticed puffer, A FEW cleaner shrimp, a great anemone, and a few hermit crabs.i wanna move a hippo tang, some sort of yellow tang, including a dwarf lion fish at a 30 gallon tank towards big gas tank.What on earth do you think
Will the following be around stock also i do possess the filter through the 250 hooked up its designed to work for around 400 gallons

Sure around the lionfish, it’s possible the hippo tang, even so the yellow tang in addition to hippo together is usually a bit an excess of for that tank, especially considering that you’ve previously got quite a few larger fish while in the tank.I need ideas of if there may be a distinction between ocean and fresh water filtration, but in a very freshwater tank, even having a stronger sieve those developments would start pushing that limitations of one’s tank.



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