Fish at bottom of my fish tank ?

I have set way up my gas tank 3 days to weeks ago along with bought FIVE fish today to commence cycling them.I have 3 glofish 1 silver Molly and also 1 dark Molly as well as 2 glofish will be sitting within the bottom but every now and then they can get up and also swim around nevertheless the others are active in this tank normaly can be my reservoir ok

It amounts to just the perch are burdened, yes they could be stressed…It’s normally temporary but can lead to death,
Make sure the water temp can be right for all the fish, leave these alone (don’t poke at these people or tap into the glass) and make sure you feed these folks enough,,,, it should determine,,,

Whenever they develop wight cozy stuff or perhaps red scar, or flip white you need to research fish desieses

When you set up some sort of tank you must let it cycle for at the very least a 7 days before incorporating any fish.Some spots recommend extended.
When people add sea food you are suppose to add these folks only A few at some time.Your reservoir can’t handle every one of these fish right away.
What size is the tank and how large are a person’s fish
Can there be enough room for anyone of them
Goldfish can survive from a tropical tank but it isn’t typically recommended because goldfish stay at reduce temperatures.

I’d personally go get some test strip and check the amount of ammonia as well as pH as part of your aquarium first off.A huge ammonia level is probably your dilemma.

check ammonia level and other test but some might be accomplishing that simply because are new give them away a 1 week or thus and view it this works the idea not increase cooking salt into the water i take action helps the actual fish superior and remeber much more cooking salt provides improvement over less

I would return this fish and look into fish-less bicycling.Adding fish into the unestablished aquarium may cause lots of problems.

test ur water whenever its o .k check the particular fish, may be pregnant or perhaps sick.

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