Elecric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth rate?

precisely how fast might a SEVERAL.5 inch electric blue JD grow in a 210 gallon tank with a 4 in .african tiger bass (hydrocynus vittatus) some sort of 8 in .black arowana, 4 inch Vampire tetra (hydrolycus armatus) plus a 4.A FEW inch Indo datnoid.dont worry about tank size it is just some sort of grow out tank at the moment i know what they need and just how big they could grow hence don’t inform me i want a larger tank, eventuall i am aware i will but now i dont.

Electric Random world Jack Dempseys grow additional slowly compared to normally-colored Dempseys.
Its not necessary to be anxious much about this, though, because the other predators you could have in of which tank will kill as well as eat your current Dempsey prior to it becomes much much larger.

I’m knowledgeable you said you know about that tank size- in addition to I’m not gonna badger you about it, fine Just, please it is important to DO get the right tank sizes with regard to these perch, especially the particular arowana along with tiger.

Generally, cichlids increase pretty immediately.JD’S increase properly along with enough breathing space, clean normal water, and your varied, nutrition-filled diet program.

electric random world jack grow a bit slower in addition to smaller compared to regular jacks, n is dependent upon if their a males or feminine.female grows tends to grow alittle sluggish n smaller sized, and in the event that it obtains enough meals and place ur dark arow might get too big for ur jacks tho, so ur jacks could possibly be one expensive meal, all in all ur EBJ would grow quite fast from a 210 in the event its any male in get plenty of food and get his personal territory.ur dats will probably grow sluggish but is going to be hudge

i obtained a EBJD within my 65 gallon aquarium, he was about 2” extended and after 5-6 months now, they hasnt developed more and then a one half inch.i dont get it.

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