Eel’s in a bowl? Fish, food etc.?

Where by i live it’s just a little lake where allow me to catch eel’s
would it be easy to maintain them in a bowl
i dont have any other fish.
Can they eat much
How should i handle them etc’

Would it be even smart/possible to maintain them in a bowl throughout ur home xP

No, fat loss keep eels inside a bowl.They may die pretty quickly when you put them in a bowl.

You really should not be keeping every fish inside a bowl – they are not even suited to goldfish or maybe betta’s! Some eels may grow huge, a bowl would absolutely kill them.Wild animals are certainly not meant to become kept inside bowls.Never do this particular, it’s a very bad notion.

In order an eel, lookup the species you choose, and next research the right way to care correctly.If you’ve the means to keep the idea, then let that happen, but you should can primary.

No, It probably should not be accomplished.Saying the bowl may be a death trap for anything at all.Even a new betta is not really suitable for a bowl.Maybe you can aquire a massive tank as well as research these people and maybe it is possible as well as I don’t believe it is right for taking wild animals from your wild along with into captivity.

I do not think any rough outdoors animal would choose to be taken from their nice dwelling and stuck from a bowl.

I’m sure you should leave these folks where they’re just and get a pet seafood or something in a very suitable fish tank, no bowl.

Okay…freshwater eels have huge (2 feet), you will stunt it is really growth, along with kill the idea.

Not really fish need to be kept throughout bowls.

Sarah along with Gary inside diameter right.

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