Easy Ten PointsIs this Good?

55 gallon reservoir…

SIX Platies
COUPLE OF Zebra Loaches
THREE OR MORE Black Widow Tetras (6 decades old)
YOU Bristlenose Pleco
YOU Apple Snail

Ever consider it safe to incorporate a one angelfish

Absolutely.I don’t foresee any problems given it is massive enough not to ever get had…

6 Platies gets 100’s should you get women and men.
COUPLE OF Zebra loaches call for 55 gallon+ This 5 gallons makes a change.They have grown active, also , you should acquire 3+, you may try getting 4 or 5 of all of them, but it is really your selection.It’s such as keeping a new betta within a 0 gallon fish tank when it need to be in some sort of 5 gallon+
3 African american widow tetra’s = may become nippy since the shoal is actually so smaller, get an additional 3 or perhaps so.Furthermore, why does you put the age of the seafood…
Birstlenose pleco is definitely safe, you could get 2 simply because like organization some occasions, and they are required bog fire wood to chew up on.
YOU apple snail, they are usually good nonetheless get rather big in addition to produce loads of waste.Always remember the platies may possibly nip from them.
No, it’s not safe to incorporate a one angel perch.They like tall tanks which are the identical size since your tank.They in addition like organization, and the moment it’s evolved, it gets aggressive.

UPDATE:From the other questions, it affirms your receiving a 40 gallon aquarium, and you’ve got a common pleco.And so either the parents obtained you a new bigger fish tank, and a person killed your own common pleco…WE don’t acquire itD;

Strange pick you have.3-4 Platies are plenty, they are generally live-bearing perch so you’ll possess much in excess of 6 in about a month or consequently, it would depend.One pleco isn’t enough to maintain clean 40 gallon gas tank.Get far more, or keep to ancistrus.Compatibility appearance good yet why accomplish u wish to have so few catch 50 gallon aquarium

infact the whole pleco sucking within the side is not far fetched.it can happen but only if the aquarium is way too small in addition to their is just not enough food available.the build should work though as there’s loads associated with space/

I would obtain same along with more ebony widow tetras because theyll experience safer in addition to probably show brighter colorings in greater shoals.Probably 6-10, youll furthermore notice all of them more.

its not wise to add angelfish having plecos they’ll suck in side analysts and induce slime coat to receive removed along with kill your own angelfish

Yup yet add about three more tetras as they quite simply need the very least school of six.You may add the angel as well.I retain four bristlenose catfish by using my angel which has no problems.Everyone with a person’s tank.

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