Dwarf puffer in community tank, other fish stealing its food?

PLEASEE HELPP relating to a complete growth dwarf puffer with my area tank, and she has been throughout there for a long time, so i am aware shes certainly not aggressive.i keep a lot of plants throughout ther to help.anyways, i cant manage to feed this puffer with no my alternative fish eating the boodworms before he is able to evern be able to them.and i am aware its damaging platies plus guppies for being eating much bloodworms day to day.i tried using catching him which includes a net, and ptting some bloodworms from the net, but then she gets to scared for you to eat, i really wish to have a dwarf puffer specices reservoir, but instant messaging broke right now, and when i barely have any money for our self.idk where to start! i tried returning that dwarf puffer, yet i missing my recete, and wont allow me to return this.i cant just kill that poor point, what must do

how in relation to trying a new tank divider while in meal moments…and if your puff continues to be in there for a long time it appears is having food…you will need only the worm or perhaps two for your dwarf puffer hence maybe you don’t see your fish get a worm as well as two this landed about plants or the underside

could oughout not put him in a very jug or something related and feast it in that case put him or her back.

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