Dog vs. Chiauaua: Which is better?

make don’t realize.My good friend and I were developing a staring contest after which we ran on the top in the hill then he said “Hey! You’re going to die around T- 4 months! ” then he reported that’s how far i must live.And she mentioned that puppies aren’t linked to cats sooo sure.



Chihuahuas are a breed associated with dog (even however it appears to be more as being a rat)
but natural sized natural looking dogs are superior to yappy ankle bedding Chihuahuas lawl XD

This question will not make good sense.

so this is when glen beck comes now that he have been canceled.

what chihuahuas ARE USUALLY dogs

Stay over weed!

what exactly is your question
your building no good sense Chihuahuas are a breed connected with dog.

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