Dog Survey Best Answers 10 Points!?

Just what exactly Breed:
Just what exactly Color:
Pup Or Person:
Hyper, Quiet, Or Carrier:
How Behaved:
Favourite Toy:
Favorite Thing to do:
Favourite Treat:
How Old:
Males Or Women:

What Type:German Shepherd Husky mix
Just what exactly Color:African american, some tan, and white
Pup Or Person:puppy still
Casual:Yes very
Hyper, Quiet, Or Carrier:Hyper you minute Tranquil the next
How Behaved:Well carried on unless nancy too excited
Favourite Toy:A plastic Mario ball
Favorite Thing to do:Push your tennis baseball around though holding your girlfriend mario basketball in her mouth
Beloved Treat:Duck jerky
The way Old:A SINGLE 1/2
Male Or Girl:female

Pit Bull Mix
Charcoal and White
Very Athletic
Substantial Energy, although Lazy Indoors
Nicely behaved since he ended up being trained for you to be
The Squeaky Snake (indestructible squeakers…ugh)
Work, Hike, Possibly be Crazy Outside
WHEN I make the pup special healthy treats (carob nick treats having applesauce, pumpkin, and also yogurt) which he enjoys!
He’s nearly 2 years old
Male Neutered
The Name is Dexter _

What Breed:Shih Tzu
What exactly Color:Charcoal and While
Dimensions:Small, 17lbs
Doggy Or Adult:5 yrs
Fitness:He is lazy
Hyper, Relax, Or Choice:Doesn’t make sense considering medium has related to size, hence calm
The way Behaved:He’s well mannered
Beloved Toy:Tennis balls
Favorite Move to make:Sleep
Beloved Treat:I have no idea of what they are called but they may be training beef treats
The way Old:Including I claimed 5 yrs
Male Or Girl:Male

What exactly Breed:Birkenstock boston Terrier/Australian Cows dog mix
What exactly Color:Brindle Downtimes with dark and darkish spots everywhere
Dimensions:Small, 22lbs
Doggy Or Adult:Still any pup
Fitness:She loves to operate, does agility sometimes
Hyper, Relax, Or Choice:She’s a combination of the two, she knows when for being hyper and also playful while to become calm
The way Behaved:She’s very well trained and knows lots of tricks
Beloved Toy:Uhm, no matter what another puppy has.
Favorite Move to make:Run
Beloved Treat:Identical to my other dog
The way Old:A SINGLE.5 yrs old
Male Or Girl:Female

Siberian Husky
Purple and white
Low to medium – huge (23 1/2 inches wide tall and also about FITYFIVE pounds)
Fitness, extremely, he’s an outstanding jumper plus exceptional lead dog throughout my sled team
Low to medium, not hyper, but not extremely calm
Considerate, well mannered, very well behaved
Favorite toy will be the cat, certainly not kidding
Favorite move to make, pull any sled
He’s almost 2 years old
Btw his / her name can be Strider and he’s blue eyed =)

Basenji mix
Small that will Medium-18 inches with the whithers, 30 lbs
VERY Athletic.Can jump 4 feet from your standstill
Includes hyper spurts, although loves that will snuggle/be relax when indoors.
Well behaved-has CGC certification/is something dog
Squeaky Giraffe
Run/jump/play together with her most desired Australian Shepherd buddy.
The baby carrots
3 years

What breed:

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