Dog problems please help ?

We have a COUPLE OF year good old female chihuahua in a SEVERAL year older male shih tzu this my neighbors gave if you ask me but this individual keeps attempting to have making love with this chihuahua WHEN I already attempted everything to part ways them via telling them no that will keeping one in some other room nevertheless they just simply keep receiving close together…am get worried that she can expecting…is now there any strategy to stop these folks or when she does have a baby is there any chance they will be alright N my vivian could survive you should help my family am be anxious bout them

if not often covered have this female spayed that hormones will administer over and no matter the best way hard everyone try they’re going to find methods to case you get your girlfriend spayed she will not get into estrus, no estrus not any hormones to direct that mating behavior.once you will get her spayed then you definately can neuter the male, the size difference while in the breeds will probably create issues for the woman’s if your lady does have a baby, she requires C section to obtain the puppy’s.they will be to big for her to possess on her own, there is the high possibility that your woman could die attempting to have this puppy’s effortlessly.hope this specific helps

As long as one is fixed you mustn’t need to worry…ideally they need to both end up being fixed..why managed you take a male in to the house acknowledge that neither one of the dogs was fixed You’re kind of getting a having a baby.The only approach to keep these individuals apart can be put one in the seperate space and shut the doorway.Simply revealing them “no” will not do.
You should get your own dogs preset.The continue thing this specific world desires is much more puppies working around.

Take these folks both on the vet & obtain them each neutered.
Cellular phone the vet future and help make the visit.

In case you cannot afford to have them each done, at the very least get that female executed first.

you have to aquire the men castrated.#saying no could have no Impact if a dog is similar to that.

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