Does your dog go under your computer desk and lay there?

My own does.He can it at all times.Whenever I’m seated at household, he’s sometimes beside us or less than the kitchen table.It’s great, because he’s an enormous dog so when I stroke his abdomen with our feet, my feet are generally warmed.Only wondering, do other pet owners have this happening The key reason why do they certainly this

We have a equivalent thing taking place with my cat, except of which he jumps on the table in addition to walks all around the keyboard, testing random stuff, trying for getting attention.

Lol, certainly! If now i’m sitting in the computer table, my puppies will gather throughout the chair plus a couple will probably go under the table and are located on my personal feet! It kind of makes me personally feel harmful because I must be playing with them instead of on the computer, but yep!

Dogs put on individual’s feet because of the dog is actually being submissive.The dog is probably not very cozy but he might have a feel of protection.You are after all considered into the leader on the pack! & as they quite simply say, “let sleeping dogs are located.”


i wanna notice cat keying!!! i usually do not actually unique a table, my workplace is the lap plus my butt on the sofa…in addition to my doggy is sometimes laying by means of my legs, right they always me, or about my shoulders to the back from the sofa…they simply love their particular owners and strive to be close my partner and i guess:O)

Your dog must seriously love a person.So settle the offer you by massaging his tummy together with your feet:) Irritating to be worried about.Your furry friend just really wants to be with you because that they love anyone!

My canines do a similar thing.The older female greyhound/dalmation unplugs the cords at all times.Trippy products.

My canine has special blankets almost the personal computer that she goes to and sets in when I’m here.:) She witnesses that once the butt strikes the easy chair her rear end hits people blankets! lol

I get three most dogs…try having all three accomplish that in the past! Mine accomplish — I’ve truly even put a huge dog cargo box down there for them.

Only am generally there for a long time…they are generally, too!

My cat does that at all times, and my personal grandmas doggy (who we visit alot) constantly does’s rather cute…essentially.

My canines don’t make it happen.But, your dogs would like to be near you.

Haha, my kitten and doggie does a similar thing! POST guess many people just wish your awareness!:)

yes my own basset hound does when i am on the computer=).

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