Does this sound like a 5 gallon to you?

Concerning a cubical top aquarium that is around 41in around circumference as well as around BEING UNFAITHFUL.5 inside in peak.Do you imagine that’s a new 5 gallon and also not

it is really a 5.YOUR FIVE gallon aquarium…i did a little bit math in order to calculate the degree based about the dimensions that you just gave and found out its any 5.YOUR FIVE…your beautiful:)

Buy 6 one gallon jugs of milk along at the store.If you pour FIVE gallons involving milk to the aquarium and you also can’t pour a Sixth one with out it stuffed, then it’s actually a 5 gallon tank.

It is for sure a new 5.YOUR FIVE gallon (did math).

Travis will be correct

sounds enjoy it.

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