Does this Dechlorinator work for all fish? New fish tank mates?

YOUR FIVE Gallon Fish tank:
– 1 Betta
– 1 The apple company Snail
Recently i bought 3 bottles regarding Aqueon Betta fish Bowl Furthermore Water Conditioner & Dechlorinator for my A FEW gallon reservoir.Does this develop all fish or simply specifically betta fish

Im also preparing to getting New fish for my betta fish.I was thinking Neon Tetras or platies.Any advice

I have no idea why the particular dechlorinator wouldn’t work for all the fish.
Do you know the active materials
In the event that it simply says, ‘dechlorinator, ‘ in addition to nothing otherwise added it need to be just fine.

In any 5g gas tank a betta is greatly predisposed to attack other perch.They actually claim a reasonable amount of place for independantly.(Not to mention, even which has a good sift you might need to change up to 50% on the water once or more each day to keep up with the actual ammonia result from all of the fish/waste.)

By going to to put additional species of fish with yours you will want at the very least a 10g.You should be able to have a few tetras with all your betta and snail in that size (make sure your tetras are not the termin nipping type! )

Regarding platies, when you start having young ones you could start everyone in the 10g, but a number of months later you will want a 12-15 or 20g, they get around the same size or bigger compared to betta and are usually lively fish, they are required and including their area.Just remember if the getting men and woman platies that you might want at least Two or three females a male, or he will wear them from all his / her ‘attentions.’

Best of luck!

Dechlorinator work for any fish.And actually they have nothing related to the fish in the least it gets rid of chlorine and various harmful chemicals from your water.

All dechlorinators are generally basically the identical, some will even provide alternative activities but generally speaking you’re thinking about the exact product along with different bands by various companies.
Stores market products like your dechlorinator of which say “for betta’s” as another way to earn more income.If you take a look at the bottle it is going to be smaller and cost more than another brand given it says to get betta’s about it.Like WHEN I said ladies do practically similar thing and the one an individual bought is usually no various than yet another brand.

Unfortunately your tank is already stocked totally.You are not able to add any more fish to his aquarium.He’s excellent by themselves and isn’t lonely.In reality he most likely prefers being alone so he’s not harassed or perhaps nipped during by other fish for instance both tetra’s in addition to platies might do.

Best of luck:

For your 5 gallon gas tank, the merely thing you’ll have is that betta and also the snail.Water conditioner ought to be okay, I’m sure it’s just made to be better for bettas Really uncertain.

MY PARTNER AND I use Tetra Aqua Aquasafe, along with my betta fish is fine.

In order neon tetras, you need at minimum 5-6 advisors in a 15 gallon gas tank.

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