Does my Torpedo barb have septicemia?

his dorsal fin is really red plus i dont learn how many times i have done the 50% mineral water change seeing that i found his dorsal b was having redder, they’re still wanting to fight his reflection, whilst i possess re fixed the ornaments plus plants they still should it.he does it more end of it of this tank right now though which often got my family worried.
so what could it be ruling away ammonia poisoning and no other species of fish have this specific red ability.
and the time will your dog last without treatment i can be in london for per week and i can’t cure him if i am not really there.
thanks if you’re able to help

Sounds similar to fin rot.You need to treat this before them spreads towards body.When treated early on, it’s straightforward to cure.Ask for any medicine next to fin rot for the local family pet store.

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