Does anyone know what happened to my female Balloon Molly fish.?

Fine today I just now saw the idea moving very good also yesterday she was moving okay.Then just now she just isn’t moving as well as she dies.her gills may not be moving along with her fins weren’t moving.Nothing at all was switching.I gifted them foodstuff 3 days to weeks ago such as Petsmart plus every seafood store plus fish expert say.I’m giving them food at this point and she’s dead however this morning hours she seemed to be good.The girl was switching fine executing her usual thing.Can someone explain to me what happened.YOU SHOULD!

It past away!
Tend not to do any postmortem.
Allow us to pray due to the soul majority in tranquility.

-merlin marina AQUARIUM
merlinmarina, com

It could possibly be your sea food had the sickness.Separate that betta on the other perch before some people get suffering too.If it is something it is perhaps ick.You probably bought any sick betta.Also feed your fish two to three pellets every day Bettas can get stomach problems when they over feast.

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