Does anyone else feel this way about their dog?

I feel like my three puppies are my own family, in addition to pets.Does any one else look like the dogs are component to their family members, or here’s I the only one

A lot of dog proprietors, especially those who reply within the DS feel that way.It’s fantastic for you to think which! I’m undecided how any individual would get a dog without feel that will their pet is apart on the family.

x Kharis

Yes WHEN I do.It’s just that they are so helpful to showing kindness.Better than your loved ones sometimes.And I would DIE when mine ever died or got damage.

Trust me about to catch the one I love my babies they are just apart of the family, The truth is there are usually people all around you who feel a similar way seeing that we can!

Many dogowners feel like its dogs are usually their family members or babies.

I know I complete with our own 2.I feel the same way about some of our cats as well.

My dogs are certainly my friends and family.

omg…my dog is similar to the center of my own universe…like shes not just a pet…shes such as my universe…

Of lessons my most dogs are component to my family members, but WHEN I don’t treat them such as humans.

My most dogs are closer if you ask me than my BFFs!

I feel a similar way in relation to my dog….shes my baby.

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