Does a corner filter use the same principles of filtration as a sponge filter?

would you fill a large part filter by using filter start flossing or sponge but it would do the identical thing as a sponge filter

Yes, unquestionably.I’ve performed this along with corner filters along with other “box” filters.The idea works.You won’t have to use sponge.You can use gravel, polyester fish tank filter get flossing, or other media.

Using any air-driven sift, the far more vertical height you need to the “chimney” (the uplift tube), the tougher and more quickly the stream of water is going to be through that filter.Even so, almost any quantity of water flow is often enough in making a sponge as well as corner filtration system work correctly.

yup similar concept numerous…sizes along with shapes…
what can be done if you want to cut obtain the spare sponges through the aquarium look and connect it directly to some water pump motor..same concept!!

yes its true some people both employ same principle even so the process is different.

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