Do you think it would… annoy my riding teacher to ask to borrow a horse for a leson..?

She’s TONS connected with horses, and she does personal lessons back to back for one hour each.
My not one but two favorite things are deer back sitting and taking pictures, everywhere POST go POST take images, and every riding school my mama takes photographs while I am just riding.And POST found some sort of photographer would you take pictures first hour to get $50, and I would love to take pictures with the horse I ride (I ride a similar horse every lesson)
Whomever who flights after my home doesn’t utilize the same deer as us, so my question is actually, do you think it would certainly annoy or perhaps be rude to ask my sitting teacher is in the lesson once mine easily went outside the house the barn with all the horse MY PARTNER AND I rod all you have to pictures for 1 hour with the photographer
I would absolutely LOVE to begin this, but POST don’t would like to bug our riding you think I ought to as the woman Or do you think it could it frustrat her
Many thanks!

No, I don’t believe it will annoy her WHATSOEVER.I know a woman at this barn exactly who used among my trainers horses pertaining to her mature pics plus thought it was adorable this she wanted to use this horse.Just ask I am willing that they are she would be ok by it!

I don’t believe it would annoy the woman, as prolonged as that you’re polite concerning this.Just inquire, the worst that may happen will be her stating no.

I don’t believe she might mind whatsoever if that horse won’t be utilized after terms then why not I would not mind that a student requested me in which!

Just inquire, the worst she’ll state is not any.

We don’t know your teacher.Just do it now _

I don’t believe it will bug her.I only did a similar thing past Saturday.With the exception, I didn’t hire any photographer, Pondered my mom.It didn’t turn out too effectively.Haha:N

So long as the up coming lesson isn’t going to use in which horse, then POST don’t understand why she will say very little.(Unless she would like to supervise you.) Inquire politely in addition to be mature concerning this.Don’t get begging on your knees saying that you must take snap shots or it could ruin you unless you.Not saying you can, haha, just a good example.

Enjoy your photos and Anticipation I served!:D

Hi! Well which is really awesome, and the better plan! i don’t know your driving teacher, but im assuming who’s wouldnt always be to high of a hassel so long as she doesnt require the horse for a further also dont desire the horse that they are in a person’s lesson then outside intended for another hour and then ride again after that without any kind of make absolutely certain that they arnt applying that deer after ones lesson:) but in addition to that i think it is a strategy and post dont think that your instructor should have it is possible to harm within go and ask:D expect it should go well.

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