Do you think I could get another dog?

Relating to a minor Yorkie-Bichon mixture.He is around 12 lbs.Do you already know if he or she would flourish with a further dog with regards to his size.Or could it just turn into a significant competition

Make sure You might be prepared very first.If you already know you usually are (not think, know) all set, and you’re just concerned about your present dog, consider how long you have had this kind of dog.if you’ve got only experienced it for 1- year(s) you may want to wait a bit longer until you might have trained it at the very least 3 issues (mental activation makes you their best friend until they can’t stand training so are only panel dogs) give food to it (this establishes you as the provider) and is not ambitious.if aggressive we’d not compel anything in to the house and find a pro teacher! if yes to all or any (except aggression) so you have had your dog for at the very least 3 years and get a fantastic relationship with him/her, you can receive one.Also may i suggest finding a shelter doggy they really need help.
Excellent Luck

First off, if WE were you I might guantee that I provide both dogs the same amount associated with attention.If you think you could then aim to buy the dog belonging to the opposite sex.I do not think it links with females.If your Yorkie-Bichon is really a male when compared with definately obtain female because they need to claim dominance and definately will fight.
All the best .:)

He may possibly feel like he’s definitely not getting more than enough attention.Be sure you do items equally having both pet dogs.It also depends upon how extended you’ve got him.

your pet should get along with any alternative dog as long as you take into account him once you get various other dog! Treat both equal and everything ought to be fine.
Good Luck

The dog ought to be the exact same size seeing that him as well as treat that both similarly and considerable!

I think you need to get similar dog.

get the miniature pincher.

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