Do you think dogs can understand words? ?

We have heard apart from…that its the possible vocal tone.So what can you think

They could understand simple words- but you should teach all of them that term.
Chaser that Border Collie knows over A THOUSAND names of her gadgets.It is definitely all down to training along with patience.

But they can understand wherever near around a individual can.They could only learn some primary words along with names.

Eventually a highly trained doggie will recognize numerous text.However in order that them to comprehend, we should be consistent along with our requires.If we babble upon or employ sentences virtually any dog shall be confused.

Obviously they will recognize instructions you train them…in the event you say “come” and “sit” inside same strengthen, they will probably still do the right action (assuming they’re just well-trained).

its including can we understand them you can under remain what they want to gain by the particular pitch or just how long it continues or by their body language.i believe they might understand us from the same way

100% yes

an experienced dog DOES react to verbal commands

sit – start – spin over – beg…….that tone in no way changes.

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