Do you like my video ?

internet marketing new for you to youtube plus just manufactured this just wondering if you want it and can you like the actual horse as well as wat age would you think he is

Its good but it will be better should you added some different tunes:) well done thanks the much more you make videos the greater you’ll grasp it:P:)) we’d give this 5/5 stars for any begginer because a few of the begginer movies are actually C**P but it was quite beneficial for beginer:)) congratulations:)

it’s would be better when you add many music!:)

the horse appears it’s in all probability about 13-15 when i don’t genuinely know.however nice horse!:)

2nd video…didn’t nurture it.i don’t find the point…however nice songs!:)

i need ideas of about the pony tavern organization is not from the pony team.sorry!:/

Satisfied Trails!

Yes i like this.

It is extremely cool!!! We’ve never observed a video move that way (like with the screens).

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