Do you like my 10 gallon tank?

a new 10 gallon light-medium rooted heated in addition to filtered.
3 dwarf gouramis
3 OR MORE neon tetra
A SINGLE swordtail
3 guppies, mollies as well as platys

8 fish must be fine however you need the airstone

No approach dear…The dwarf gouramis usually are peaceful wildlife but some times they become territorial in addition to start approaching other fishes.The blade tails really are a beautiful the fish tank but they can grow upto 4” or higher.Mollies are usually brackish and the be fin nippers on occasion.Guppies can overstock ur 10 gallon with a matter associated with days/weeks.
My suggesstions could well be, based in ur variety:
A) JUST ONE dwarf gourami + A FEW neons
B) 3 dg + A FEW platies(of exact sex to stop breeding)
C) HALF A DOZEN neons + 3 OR MORE platies.
My other option could well be:
JUST ONE male fish + SIX neons/6 whitened cloud minnows/5 cherry barbs/ SOME corys.Just Great……Jst look at it..

That isn’t visiting work.

Dwarf Gouramis need to be cut right down to one, when they can switch aggressive against both.
Neon Tetras will be schooling species of fish and almost six must be kept mutually.
Swordtails probably should not be kept from a 10g.
Certain ranges of Mollies furthermore get too big for the 10g.

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