Do you ever pretend to pick up your dog’s poop, but not acutally pick it up?

Thought about never been aware of this ahead of, but apparently numerous people get it done.

Yeah, I’ve viewed and been aware of people repeating this plenty of times.I estimate they figure the period and power wasted pretending to pick it up is worth some time and energy saved of not actually needing to carry that around as well as something.

No, I get my most dogs poop.The individuals who leave their particular dogs feces lying around would be the people who’re responsible for more and more laws being received by force in which make canine ownership tougher.

There are lots of things we’re prohibited related to our pets or areas we will allowed for taking them and we could thank irresponsible dog owners for the following.

I know these customers they around the bottom of this hill, i live along at the top.They stroll there dog for the top with the hill and wait for it to be able to poop in that case leave.Now concerning poop all around you.

Don’t definitely see the point.You expend identical amount involving energy pretending to pick it up as you’d probably actually finding it up

Why can you waste period pretending to pick it up when you can spend similar period actually picking it up

No, I always get my dog’s poop using a poop bag every time I wander her

Since nearly all of my pets poop is within my lawn, then it becomes pretty pointless to ‘pretend’ to pick it up…


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