Do I have room in my aquarium?

Only have TEN serpae tetras, TWELVE male guppies, TWELVE rainbow platies, and JUST ONE bristlenose pleco in the 55 gallon tank should i have room to increase 10 neon tetras or maybe will the actual tank end up being overcrowded

You have many room for the reason that tank just in case it have been me I might add many rasboras.

I couldn’t add everthing else.I know a main inch of fish for every gallon tip is erroneous, but I’m sure its advisable not to search over you ich of fish every gallon.In the event you were to incorporate anything other than them, and I am not saying you should, it needs to be bottom feeders, you might have enough mid-top dwellers already.Adding far more could through stress these individuals.

As long as you have very good filtration it need to be ok.All the best with ones tank.

No that could be pretty over packed.I could get BEING UNFAITHFUL neon tetras as a substitute.

go for it.

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