Do I have a rare betta fish?

Well I just now got my own little person today.A Delta tailed male that has a purple entire body that fades right into a bright fuchsia shade toward the edge and onto the tail, which includes little stripes of purple going down it.The coloring then stops in the edge into white all the way around the fin.He’s spots involving white in his mind (witch is mostly fuchsia) right almost his gills I became just asking yourself because I became surprised to look for such a lovely fish in a pet keep.Thanks in advance!

Very great betta sea food indeed.
Word of advice / caution.Betta seafood are one fish and can fight to the death with another betta in the same serving.

My Betta is sorta that adheres to that…It’s in all probability a unusual unique bit of guy.Plus the first comment did offer you a great tip.NEVER decide to put two Betta fish inside same tank they’ll kill one another…Hope that helps.Everyone!! -Alexis

P.UTES.They are generally known to measure for around 2-3 years in captivity…Probably even for a longer time; )

most sea food are unusual because they can’t have very much like it, i’m pretty positive your betta fish is, its sounds like a B-E-A-Utififul betta fish fish, everyone with r fish!

No it’s simply a ordinary betta fish witha combination of colours….a hard to find one would be a mouth breeder.

No I do not believe that it is rare nonetheless it sounds beautiful!:).

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