Do any of you like dogs?

Can any of you wish dogs And what is your favorite dog on the planet Please answer both questions.

Particularly thoughtful regards

I like dogs.The favourite will be Border Collie, but I’m keen on Golden Retrievers as well.

thanks’s everyone for giving an answer to!

I ENJOY dogs…..can’t imagine lacking one.I am 38 and possess always had you to definitely three all the time.When MY SPOUSE AND I first got married MY PARTNER AND I didn’t get one, my husband’s comments didn’t just like dogs inside your home but he has changed his / her mind seeing that he got to bring a single home and we now have 2 along with he delights in them the two:).

The 2 favorites are pitbulls and miniature schnauzers…..weird mix but we’ve got one of each one and that they both tend to be sweet superb dogs.The schnauzer is a superb dog some people will have allergic reactions, they do not shed.This pitbull is actually our child.

I really like dogs that has a passion.Most hate dogs, but I believe potentially they are a stunning creature using amazing attitudes.Probably the favorite dog on the planet is the Doberman.I’ve one and he or she is the nearly all handsome, caring, caring, loyal the majority of thoughtful dog on the planet to myself.

Saint Buggy

Nooooooooooooooooooooo…I don’t like dogs whatsoever.That’s why We have a house Packed with them now and include never been daily in our nearly 51 decades without a minimum of 2 of these under the roof…

My preferred breed could be the Gordon Setter, having Papillons any close second.

I retain my masochistic inclination under rigorous regulation so won’t choose to be able to own canines unless POST liked this.

My breed of preference has been recently, is these days & will stay the Dobermann.

love puppies.have SEVERAL golden i adore those puppies.

furthermore like a language like german shepherds

NO, not surprisingly not….this is why I’ve put in over a number of decades breeding training self care handling hunt/working & JUDGING worldwide.

I enjoy dogs of the breed but I am most passionate about Labradors, Dobermans and Border Collies

I just like all pet dogs.I will probably admit i always like my personal dogs superior to other canines.

The favorite doggie, is your dog in this avatar image.

I like dogs.I’m keen on springer spaniels boundary collies as well as red setters.i’ve a crimson setter/springer spaniel

I severely doubt that will anyone exactly who hangs throughout the dog section wish dogs./sarcasm

I enjoy dogs.I think my favourite breed is a Labrador Retriever.

Actually, no.I just come to this section because the people are usually nicer right here and you should not ask stupid question.Properly; they didn’t familiar with anyway.

I looooveeeeeeee puppies!
we loooove my bichon frise, best who has ever happened if you ask me, hes the best buddy!

i similar to dogs i prefer pugs as well as sheperds

i such as dogs as well as my preferred dog on the planet is the beagle

Yes i adore dogs Love it if more like Yorkies in addition to shitzus

YES plus mini prolonged haired dachshunds

Yes, I’m keen on dogs, the favs tend to be dobes as well as manchester terriers.

yes WE do, pitbulls Rotti, and sheperds

yes! my fave dog is really a miniyure pincher!

yes and i love lots of dogs.I choose adopting save dogs

dogs can’t go to heaven cuz they aint obtained soul.

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