Did my Betta kill my Ghost Shrimp or did it have a bad molt and get chewed on?

MY SPOUSE AND I saw that and thought it turned out the thrown away skin..On further inspection it seems like a dead shrimpy, together with it’s tail missing, and also some of its feelers.:( These are like YOUR FIVE bucks every at Full Pet! AAAAWWW MY OWN SHRIMPY! What happened A few pointer get another, bigger one, or just get another guppy or something I am sad..help guidance The puppy store reported I shouldn’t need to get Iodine that will them molt nicely, as their shrimpies always be wise.Now that i discovered them I want em, these are so great and helpful.I know We need to increase more hidey locations for em, and Consider the good be accomplishing dat considering the upcoming gst order value.I assume Bluegrass that Betta will be nibbling on the dead one particular:'( HALP

I don’t think the fish killed it.I have my male betta in a shrimp procreation tank.It possibly died owing to something altogether different.

I might also try em together again, after I have set ” up ” the tank so that there’s lotsa facilities in there and so the others could hide much better.We should see.:)


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