Decoration for a tetra tank?

I have got some sort of 60 litre fish tank I’m planing to put some neon tetras in the container, what type of decoration/environment do they prefer

Tetras are schooling perch.(You require at VERY LEAST 3 yet 6+ will be ideal)
I reccomend to put plants on your own the sides and back again, this give them a good amount of hiding spaces so they really will sense secure while in the environment.Leave a great open space in the centre for all of them to college in (this is extremely important) as well as tetras indulge floating facilities and reduced light.For those who have a well lit light in your tank you are going to definitly have to have some floating plants.I use artificial floating plants put together with very very low light plus it works well, but a great deal of pet stores/fish outlets sell survive floating vegetation.You needs real plants if you want because tetras will not typically take plants.Also get some type of tank ornament pertaining to them to be able to swim in/around.(for case:I use a lighthouse with my fish tank with open up windows, they similar to swimming straight down into it and as well circling the item.

They like a great deal of hiding sites and appreciate swimming inside and outside of plants.They prefer candlight tanks, however you will still want to signify off the neon colours belonging to the fish.We’d suggest some floating plants and a few hardy survive plants including Green Cabomba, Elodea, Vallisineria etc, as well as a number of driftwood/rocks as well as preferably the dark substrate.

Tetras choose to live inside schools so be sure you have plenty of fish inside the tank.Tetras dont require anything special.I will just get what about a peice associated with drift timber or therefore rocks to produce caves.Also consider if you want to use are living plants and also fake crops.Good good luck.:).

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