Crisis: Is 76- 78 f okay for white clouds? Or 55- 58 F okay for an albino pleco?

– My TEN gal.temp is 58 f
– I merely but a brand new thermometer of which says it may possibly only be set to help 78 F
– POST also simply just bought an albino pleco

It could well be best to eliminate the heat tank or give back it with regard to an adaptable one, along with return this pleco, it can not are now living in a five gallon tank.White cloads have to have temperature among 64-72

Albino bristlenoses are usually indeed dwarf plecos, but a six ” pleco (which will be size it’s going to reach) will not belong in the ten gallon.They really should not be in lower than 20 gallons.If you want a bottom part feeder, return your current pleco to get a education of pygmy cories (not the traditional ones – really needs to be pygmy to suit in any 10 gallon).
You should be able to keep both fish happy in the event the temp is just about about 72-75.

White clouds can reside OK on 77F, but allow the tank warm up slowly in order to not to help shock them which has a sudden alter.

Ones pleco won’t be able to live from 58F, or lasting in a 10gal tank either.A baby one is going to be OK for some months, nevertheless they get HUGE, assume 55gal and also bigger aquarium.


yup whitened clouds can live anywhere with the low 60s to the high 70s.i continue mine on 75 and in addition they live together with neon tetras correctly fine.

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