Comment/critique my riding form? :)?

advertisment trot.constructive self deprecation is apprecitated a couple:) plus ik this heels arent affordable enough:P thanks a ton!!
training video:

It is a good thing you noticed a person’s heels weren’t down, in truth, your pumps were slightly up.
Your leg swings when you’re rising plus falling, but when you’re still it truly is fine.
It appears your palms are moving considerably, and it looks like you are employing them to help keep the moose going.
Push that horse a tad bit more forward.A trot really should be right all over 8 a long way per an hour.
Lastly, your posting is usually a little that will “big” While you post, you shouldn’t be taken from the saddle that much.You needs to be moving slightly up, however more forward.It is often a little difficult to make clear, but this is the link.

The woman heels usually are not down ample, but can be seen the difference inside the posting.

Good luck!:)

i accustomed to have a similar problems as i will see you have…try to maintain your palms together and also above his / her withers and in addition it will help if you offer a little on the inside half halt to obtain him within the bit as well….and don’t post in your hand it seems as if whenever you are up both hands go to you try plus keep them a single place whenever possible…oh and try and lossin upwards alittle but not look hence stiff

From what I’ll see people look okay.I seemed to be always taught to maintain contact to the horse’s sides in your legs, while.Your legs sound like off your horse’s factors.

Unlock much more in your current hips too in the walk:) It can free way up your horse’s walk and produce him have a very more ground covering along with comfortable go around.

It is very hard to make sure it is definitely too dark to discover.But what i could truthfully see looked fabulous.I couldn’t see your current legs nicely but one’s body looks great and pure.You was doing something with your hands but I wouldn’t see enough to express to exactly just what.I like how your dog tried to be able to spook along at the camera nevertheless , you kept your ex moving perfect on earlier.

1.Heel ought to go down more
2.Your legs often let go slightly when you up (Fixing #1 can help)

Or else, you’re best.

You might put your heels straight down a tad extra.But everything else looks not bad.

Satisfied Riding!

Good! Try and lower the hands.Idk definitely but I’m sure u wer posting to the wrong cause…

your link doesn’t work, it only takes us to the youtube home page.hope this kind of helps.

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