Chocolate Labrador names needed please?

We could be rehoming the 2 yr old choc research laboratory.
His name is trigger so maybe names similar to that or perhaps compleatly distinct i dont brain, but my spouse and i dont including the name set-off much.

it just isn’t hard to show a dog a brand new name.Getting older even need to sound such as old one.Just don’t expect your ex boyfriend to reply to it immediately but it surely won’t receive long.
I will just look for a name you require.I genuinely can’t see any right now.I also provide a difficult time naming dogs and cats, one usually pops up though once having all of them for slightly.

it will be hard to be able to change some sort of 2 calendar year old dogs name! We would just abandon it the way it will be Trigger!

Dusty is usually a pretty lovely name:).

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