Can’t tell whether my hamster is being a hamster or pregnant..?

Your woman keeps shifting her bed linens around, tries that will dig holes at the end of the girl cage, and is really squeaky and also chittery recently.I offered her additional bedding which often satisfied her a small amount.I learn somewhere when you put tissue while in the cage if pregnant they’ll get and tear it up for your nest.I placed some inside her cage to test it out there and your woman added it towards the little cargo box she made while in the corner with her competition.When using with her eventually I looked over her tummy for tiny nipples and also bulge yet couldn’t actually see everything.I think Personally i think a small bump nonetheless I’m uncertain.She’s just a little dwarf hamster, and I are deprived of her with any men (I don’t have any males) therefore I do not think she’s pregnant but she has acting weirder than once i first became her.

If you don’t have males, then she’s not expecting a baby.
As being the season has changed, the actual temperature does, too.
It is cold, this is exactly why more home bedding is fulfilling her.
Moving your ex bedding around-just being normal hamster in truth.
Currently being Squeaky-It usually means it’s often bored, as well as somethings bothering it (Don’t worry, most in all likelihood the weather conditions.)

Best of luck:)

Shes not always pergnant in particular when she hasnt acquired any speak to with adult males, hes possibly just looking at her environment, making furniture and noise can be quite a sign of any healthy and also happy hamster, theyre typically quiet while you bring all of them home at the beginning cuz theyre dubious of that which is happening.I’m sure shes okay, she looks like a extremely healthy as well as happy hamster.

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