Can you put tropical fish in the same tank as a gold fish?

I have a koi including a gold fish inside same reservoir but i’d like to see different species of fish to

Koi should be kept around ponds and gold fish really should be kept along with other goldfish Rare metal fish tend to be cold water tropical fish are hot water you shouldn’t mix this 2 along.

You really do not have koi inside a tank in the least unless it’s a huge tank (at smallest several $ 100 or so gallons).

Tropical bass need exotic water temps (about SEVENTY TWO to 82 F for many of us species).This is definitely too warm to your advantage health involving goldfish plus koi, but equally goldfish and koi can survive people temperatures for a time, if this transition somewhere between temperatures is just not sudden.

No.Goldfish usually are cold water fish although tropical bass require more comfortable water.Possibly that goldfish can easily survive around warm water, but hd thrive.Goldfish as well grow really large all of which will eat many smaller bass.Some hot fish including tetras and barbs are usually nippy, which will would induce problems.Goldfish have grown playful naturally, and the rambunctious behaviour may harm or destroy smaller bass.

Goldfish call for 20-75+ gallons regarding water, each koi requires 500+ gallons no less than.Return a person’s koi unless you then have a pond to keep him in permanently.

Yes you possibly can.But because you see around these advice it’s however generally the incorrect action to take.Gold species of fish crap upwards the container and ruin water quality eventually resulting to disease and death while in the tropical species of fish.

No, needed different temps.Goldfish likewise get huge enough in order to eat small fish.Koi probably should not be from a tank, they are required a pond of atleast a 1000 gallons.

No, along with a koi must be in some sort of pond that may be at smallest 1000+ gallons


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